Heart of Jesus  

 Heart of Jesus and Mary

sadovi_posvetitve_jezusovemu_in_marijinemu_srcu.jpgA Christian can consecrate and commit him/herself to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary anywhere and any time.

  • It is important that he/she wants to belong totally to Jesus and Mary.
  • It is right he/she says a prayer approved by the Church.
  • Consecration will bear more fruits if an individual or a group is well prepared.
  • We have to know what consecration is.
  • We get prepared for it by prayer, e.g. with a tridium or a novena, and a good confession.


The Committe for Consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Cistercijanska opatija Stična
SI-1295 Ivančna Gorica, Slovenija, EU

Prayer in preparation for a consecratio


Prayer in preparation for a personal consecration

Prayer in preparation for a consecration of a parish


Prayer of consecration


Prayer for a personal consecration of individuals and groups

Prayer for a personal consecration of a family

1. Prayer for  consecration of a parish
(a singular form)

2. Prayer for  consecration of a parish (Plural form)

Prayer after the consecration


Prayer after the consecration of individuals

Prayer after the consecration of a family

Prayer after the consecration of a parish


Church Decrees and Initiatives by Popes

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Heart of Jesus

Veneration of the heart of Jesus


Pope Pius XII wrote in his encyclical on the heart of Jesus (Haurietis Aquas): 

Veneration of the heart of Jesus is »the most successful school of divine love« (Nr. 72). This veneration »has naturally blossomed by way of a lively faith and fervent veneration of the divine Redeemer and his glorified wounds which is a symbol of his infinite love that greatly influences souls.« (Nr. 52).

Heart of Jesus

The heart of Jesus »presents and clearly puts all the love that Christ has loved us with before our eyes. That is why such meaning should be attributed to the veneration of the Sacred Heart and should be considered the most perfect practical confession of Christian piety. Veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is in its core veneration of the love with which God loves us through Jesus, and at the same time it is an actual expression of our love for God and our neighbour. Its goal is to take us to the most perfect and accomplished love towards God and our neighbour, to that love which fulfills the new commandment more generously each day« (Nr. 60).

Pope John Paul II has set his heart upon veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In his address on the occasion of 300th anniversary of the death of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque our Holy Father said: »As a pilgrim at the tomb of St. Margaret Mary in 1986 I asked in the spirit of the tradition of the Church that veneration of the heart of Jesus would experience an authentic renewal. It is namely in the heart of Jesus where a human heart recognizes the true and sole purpose of its life and mission. Only in the heart of Jesus does man receive the ability to love.«

In another of his addresses he said: »Essential elements of this devotion have constantly been included in the spirituality of the Church throughout her history. The Church from the very beginning contemplated the pierced heart of the crucified Christ from which flowed blood and water, the symbols of sacraments that constitute the Church.«

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches: »Jesus loved everyone and each of us during his earthly life, during the throes of his suffering and death, and he sacrificed himself for each of us: 'the Son of God loved me and sacrificed himself for my sake' (Ga 2:20). He loved all of us with a human heart; therefore, the sacred heart of Jesus pierced because of our sins and for our salvation, is a special sign and symbol of the love the divine Redeemer has for his Father and for every one of us.« (Nr. 478).

The Instructions for popular devotions says: »Devotion to the heart of the Saviour has undoubtedly been one of the most widely spread and popular forms of devotion. In the light of the Bible the expression 'the heart of Christ' indicates the mystery of Christ himself, the wholeness of his existence, his person in the most personal and essential core. It indicates the Son of God, uncreated wisdom; infinite love, beginning of redemption and sanctification of all mankind. 'The heart of Christ' is Christ himself, the incarnate and saving Word that in the Holy Spirit embraces the Father and all people, with divine-human infinite love« (Nr. 166).

Devotion in honor of the heart of Jesus »demands of the faithful a basic attitude springing out of conversion and a spirit of reparation, love and gratitude, apostolic endeavor and sanctification in relation to Christ and his salvific work. The Apostolic See and the bishops, therefore, recommend it and promote its renewal« (Nr. 172).


 Veneration of the heart of Mary


The same Instructions also speak about the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

»The Church observes the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the day after the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Proximity of the two feasts is a liturgical sign of their close bond: the mystery of the heart of the Redeemer is transferred to and reflected in the heart of Mary, a travel companion and disciple of Christ.

As the feast of the Sacred Heart unites the salvific mysteries of Christ and directs them towards their source, that is, to the heart, so too, in a similar way the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an all-embracing celebration of the 'hearty' uniting of Mother to the salvific work of her Son: from incarnation to death and resurrection, to the gift of the Holy Spirit« (Nr. 174).


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